Backbone.js is one of many javascript MVC frameworks, others are Angular.js, Phantom.js, Ember.js. Why backbone?

The WordPress Admin is now using Underscore.js and Backbone.js! This means that with minimal effort, we can begin to utilise these fantastic JavaScript libraries in our own plugins.

Apps with WordPress using Backbone.js

Since As I’m only getting to know backbone myself, I decided to post the best resources here. If you write any javascript code at all – you will appreciate the power that backbone.js provides. What backbone.js does is, it helps you organize your code when building ajax or single page applications.

To start with: WPTuts is always my first point to start from.

Using Backbone within the Admin (backend)

Using Backbone within the Admin (frontend)

Alex Bachuck: Displaying recent posts WordPress with Backbone.js

The recent post plugin is also available here.

A starting point for single page apps on Wordpress with Backbone.js and the json api plugin: WordPressSinglePage

Backbone Debugger – a chrome extension that let’s you see your views, models, collections and routers in realtime using Chrome Dev tools.

WordCamp also encourages to leverage WordPress with Backbone.js Providence 2013: K Adam White: Evolving Your JavaScript with Backbone.js

You can also at all the other resources at Peter R. Knight.