Object-Oriented WordPress Plugins

Object oriented programming takes away pointers to functions and introduces polymorphism. PHP doesn’t use pointers in a way that C does, but a variant of these pointers to functions can be observed in Variable Functions. This allows a programmer to use the value of a variable as the name of a function, which brings us to OOP with WordPress.

One of my favourite plugins is created by Ian Dunn. I attached a link to a presentation where he is introducing:

Creating Object-Oriented WordPress Plugins

. Follow him and you’ll learn a lot about how to organize your futur plugins for WordPress.

Source: http://iandunn.name/wp-content/misc/2013/wp-oop-mvc/oop.html#/42

Here is another one talking about the same topic but with a different approach. Check it out: http://net.tutsplus.com/tutorials/php/from-procedural-to-object-oriented-php/