Backbone.js is known for its excellent documentation. I would suggest going through their examples first. The tutorials range from beginner to intermediate. The ToDo application is easy enough to understand and I believe and excellent resource to help you grasp backbone.js. Lean Backbone.js and use these free Resources!

To learn Backbone.js takes some getting used to, especially if you have only used javascript and jquery in your projects.

Besides the official documentation I recommend you check out this screencast from Joey…
Another resource for beginners would be the tutorials found here:

I don’t think that one book or tutorial would be enough to learn Backbone.js. Here’s a list of all the resources I used to learn it:

Official Documentation

The Backbone.js and Underscore.js docs are extremely well written and organized. I like to keep them open in a tab when developing.

Collections of Tips, Techniques, etc.


Blog Posts

Other Collections of Resources