FathomDB was a Y Combinator startup that set out to build a fault-tolerant and scalable relational database service. The service launched back in 2009 (it’s a member of the YC Winter 2008 class) and at the time used Amazon’s EC2 service for hosting its databases.

FathomDB, has been under development since 2008 and entered the market with its relational DaaS offering in 2009. The company was one of the first to work on the OpenStack project and may add value with its experience with Meteor, Amazon’s cloud and Rackspace. Although Meteor relies on MongoDB, FathomDB may help in terms of real-time data processing and reactive queries.

Further information: http://www.fathomdb.com/, http://techcrunch.com/2014/10/07/meteor-acquires-yc-alum-fathomdb-for-its-web-development-platform/